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Cosmex instantly validates whether your formulas meet dozens of industry and regulatory standards
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Verify your formula against dozens of regulatory standards within seconds

Compliance shouldn't be complicated

Stop spending endless hours deciphering complex regulatory documents or stressing about your product's compliance.

Cosmex will instantly verify your formula's ingredients for compliance, and provide you a clear list of required labels, documents, and tests.
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Designed for Everyone

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For Brands

Formulate products that can be sold in all retailers and avoid wasting time on reformulating and repackaging
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For Contract Manufacturers

Have a single source of truth for all your formulas and easily keep track of compliance across all of them
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For Chemists

Formulate and research ingredients confidently knowing that you'll instantly be alerted of harmful or banned ingredients in your formula
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our collection of frequently asked questions to find answers, solutions, and guidance on using our powerful platform.

Do you offer customer support?

Absolutely! You can email or call the support line at any time and we'll do our best to make things right

Is my data secure with your platform?

Yes, we take security extremely seriously and have a number of practices in place to make sure your data is protected at all costs. We use a combination of encryption, private networking, and continuous backups to ensure that your data is secure and recoverable at all times

How much does your platform cost?

We offer enterprise and custom plans tailored to meet specific business requirements. All of our pricing tiers follow a flat subscription fee and provide you with unlimited access to the purchased features. Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs and explore available options.

Do you support custom integrations or features?

Yes! Our product team is blazingly fast at shipping new features and they're always looking for new ways to improve the product. Feel free to reach out to us here, and we'll do our best to add it!

Are there any setup or implementation fees?

No, we do not charge any additional setup or implementation fees. Our software is extremely easy to use and most users get onboarded within a day! That being said, we're happy to provide as many onboarding sessions as necessary to ensure your team feels comfortable using the tool

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